Aahwahan’s Green Revolution With Jain Yuva Sangathan

 Aahwahan’s Green Revolution With Jain Yuva Sangathan

Aahwahan Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is involved in promoting the
welfare of economically backward sections of the society by generating
employment across various sectors. Founded in the year 2009 by like-minded
people with a commitment to eradicate poverty. The organisation is working on
the upliftment of the underprivileged in various segments like education, health,
women empowerment, environment and community living. Some of their work has
also won them recognition as Asia’s best NGO and also been recognized by the
President of India for their work. Aahwahan promotes Education, Women
Empowerment, Health, Integrated Agriculture, Plantation, Beach Cleaning, etc,
PR-Aahwahan Foundation launches the ‘Go Green Revolution’ which is aimed at tree
plantation drive in Bengaluru city. The drive aims at planting 10,000 saplings in the
South of the city led by 200+ volunteers.
The recent drive of Aahwahan Foundation based out of Bengaluru organised a
week-long tree plantation drive campaign in the city of Bengaluru- ‘Go Green
Revolution’ from 1st to 6th November where the foundation is planted 10,000 tree
saplings in South Bengaluru. The areas that were covered under this are
Kediranahalli Cross to Vega City Mall, Bannerghatta Road. There are over 200+
people participating in the drive and the program was inaugurated by Hon. Mr.
Ravi Kumar (BJP President) and Mr. Basvaraj (Ex-Corporator). The Foundation
joined hands with Jain Yuva Sangathan for this drive.

“We are happy to see the support of people to come forward and help us in this
a drive which is also aimed at increasing awareness about the drive. We would like
to extend a vote of thanks to Mr. Roopchand Jain, President of Jain Yuva
who have worked selflessly for the upliftment of the socially and
economically backward sections of the society and Mr. Pawan Kumar, The
A chairman who have provided us their unrelenting support in this initiative and
helped us raise awareness about the same and the traffic police, BBMP. Jain Yuva
Sangathan has been doing social service since its establishment. Jain best single
moms dating sites tragic heroes Yuva Sanghatan is organising the Birth
Celebration of Lord Mahaveer bringing all sects of Jains on a single platform from
past 28 years. Even during the 2600th Birth Celebration of Lord Mahaveer, the
Govt. of Karnataka associated itself with the Jain Yuva Sanghatan to celebrate this
historic event. The Sangathan is one of the premier organisation working
continuously for upliftment of Jain culture and taking care of basic necessities of
needy Jain families and their medical expenses. Time to time, they also conduct
other humanitarian activities which includes , Organisation of various competitions
and quiz programmes related to Jain ideologies for enriching children, Conducting
classes in Home Science for Girls, Providing financial assistance to needy Jains in
the field of education under the project “Jeevan Shiksha”, providing partial financial
assistance to needy Jains for operations under the project “Jeevan Raksha”.

The foundation is also cautiously using this drive to put up a lot of medicinal plants
like Neem, Honge, Sampige, Asoka, Gulmohar, Badami, Raintree, Cherry etc in
areas like public parks, both sides of the footpath, divider on roads and other free
spaces with BBMP’s permission. The idea behind using specific varieties of plants
is aimed at reducing or keeping in check the city pollution. The organisation started
this drive in the year 2009 with the aim of converting the country green and raising
awareness about the same. We have completed 1.5 Million tree plantation by
2019, we aim to plant 10 million trees by the year 2025 across the country.
Aahwahan Foundation and Jain Yuva Foundation have joined hands together to
work for the upliftment of the society and do more projects like this in future. We
hope in the coming time more and more people will join us and take this forward”,
said Mr. Braja Kishore Pradhan, Founder -Aahwahan Foundation.

Written By Munmun Sharma

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